Incorporating an extraordinary combination of science with senses, heart, passion and risk, Graff has pushed diamond artistry to its absolute finest, unveiling The Graff Venus, a 118.78 carat D Flawless heart shape diamond, reaffirming Graff as the leader in the world of special diamonds exceeding 100 carats.

Named in celebration of the Roman goddess of Love, The Graff Venus is the largest D Flawless heart shape diamond in the world.

The creation of a heart shape diamond is exceptionally demanding and can only be undertaken by the elite of the world's diamond cutters, it must be perfectly faceted and entirely symmetrical to ensure a perfect silhouette and exquisite scintillation.

It took over 18 months for Graff's master craftsmen to analyse, cut and polish the magnificent type IIa 118.78ct diamond from a 357ct rough diamond discovered at the famous Letseng mine in Lesotho.

Laurence Graff, Chairman of Graff Diamonds said "We were given a once in a lifetime opportunity and we created absolute perfection. I am so proud to say that we delivered the very best. The Graff Venus is beyond worlds. It is the most beautiful heart shape diamond I have ever seen."


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