Buying and living with Art - a very rewarding experience

If you are a real art lover, you know that buying and living with art is a very rewarding experience. What you do with  your interior design can actually boost the impact of art in your space.

The most important tip I will ever give you is to build your collection first and then your interiors around it. Of course it is not necessary to match your sofa with your artwork but that does not mean you shouldn't try.

Here are 3 fundamental things you should consider before you start collecting art.

Original artwork

  • The rarity of the work is where the value lies. Research the artist background and gather more information regarding the artwork.

The best kind of investment

  • Consider emerging artists who will grow in value and have started to show signs of awareness.

Buy what you love

  • Make sure what you purchase is something you really enjoy. If the artwork you love so much is within your budget then make sure you purchase it before there is an increase in price.

Strategies for art lovers

Balance of color

  • Exercising some restraint on detailed pieces of art can support the art and let it stand on its own. When you have a vibrant painting use only one-color palette for all your furniture and wall, a pillow in the same color as the art can keep the same balance in the room.
  • Multiple works of art by the same artist or some of a similar style create cohesion in the room. Creating a contrast between paintings with vertical and horizontal lines, present a stronger look together than each would by itself.
  • Reflection, a dramatic way to make your paintings and sculpture more noticeable, is through the placement of mirrors on the wall and ceiling. Walking down the hall you get the artwork repeated in reverse and upside down.

Color Palette

  • Go beyond picking a single color from a painting, create the room as the painting was created through the same colors for carpet, wall, sofa and decorating objects. I suggest that you either use a very bright colour palette or a very neutral one.
  • Restrain by using a monochromatic scheme through the entire space, helping the eye to rest on something other than art. Picking up colours and shapes from the artwork in decorating accessories would distract.
  • What style does the room represent? If you are picking contemporary art like pop art, with clear bright bold colours, surround the environment with a  plain white palette and place a colour from the painting on the stairs, or the kitchen. It feels fresh and it complements the contemporary elements beautifully.
  • Lighting can highlight and emphasize your art by placing a spotlight directly on the piece. On the other hand you can increase attention on the artwork, by playing around with lighting, creating shadows and making your art pieces even more noticeable in the room.
  • Repetition of color and line from the artwork creates impact in the room. It increases the visual interest of the space by repeating the same patterns with decorating objects such as vases, shaped chairs and pillows.


Lefki Nikolaidou

Art Consultant at Halcyon Gallery, Limassol Marina


Our Article from : InCity Magazine