Elegance. Quality. Unique Inspirations. X-cellence

Acclaimed business men with one dream. One dream to evoke aspirational emotions that we connect to luxury living. Luxury as a whole, luxury as a vision that embraces every aspect of class, elegance, unique quality and beauty to appreciate the exclusivity of an impressive lifestyle.

EQUIX stands for all of these luxurious emotions aspired.  EQUIX has stepped out of the dream scenario to become reality, yet never leaving behind the dream that inspired this Group. Challenge is key to bring this dream to life:

 A life to immerse in an unforgettable experience of elegance, splendour and grandeur.

The Group is on a journey to enhance lifestyle, to perform with nothing but excellence inviting you to join this trip of grand living which has yet to grow further. Selling high end products requires skills and professionalism, knowing that clients have expectations with emotions based on a desire and not just a need. To succeed, you need to create this desire and full heartily believe in the brands and this voyage of future developments. EQUIX has perceived this success with trust and loyalty to the clients who embrace this lifestyle of pure luxury.

The Group has selected Cyprus for giving a home to their dream, knowing its strategic location at the crossroads of 3 continents welcoming tourism from all over the world with its plentiful sunshine throughout the year at a calculated 326 days. The high life of luxury is always welcomed by paradise weather and with the Limassol Marina’s distinguished uninterrupted sea views surrounding the shops and views of super yachts and Villas featuring private berths and direct beach access, the surrounding is a perfect location for the brands and a heaven for the elite. Limassol, in fact, is also well known as an international business centre. Connecting the amazing weather to a business haven proves a successful equation.

EQUIX strives for the pursuit to happiness by indulging fine living experiences with a desire to grow further.